Notice Regarding COVID-19

Mocksville, NC – March 17, 2020 /HBiPR

We have always been committed to providing a professional environment in which you and your vehicle can receive service while feeling comfortable and secure.  Our community, our clients, and our staff are what is most important. Safety and your vehicle remain our number one priority as we deal with the risks around COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus).

If your vehicle is scheduled for service, repair or maintenance, we are open and fully operational within State/CDC guidelines.  We are doing everything possible to exceed your expectations and have implemented the following extra measures to address this:


As always, we offer complimentary pickup and delivery, and after-hours pick-up or drop-off. Our service advisors will coordinate a solution that meets your needs.

We appreciate your continued support, patience, and consideration. Although we anticipate delays in some parts & materials, which will cause some unavoidable interruptions, we are focused on communicating and [...]

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