HBI Auto announces new expanded website to support growth in 2020.

Mocksville, NC – October 26, 2019 /HBiPR

iphone new website HBi

New features include:

  • Robust inventory and comparison system integrated
  • Integration with DMS services
  • Expanded Blog for up to date communication
  • Ability to communicate explanation of new services
  • Updated responsive platform that scales
    • mobileĀ  optimization
    • Rich media experience for desktop users

This will serve as a centralized tool for managing updates for customers, assist in scheduling, and provide a platform to support our planned growth. A more capable development backend was selected which integrates with current technologies this will allow for additional features in the future.

Billy Wenk CEO of HBi Auto said in a statement, ” We are focused on the most optimal way to communicate to our growing customer base, we have leveraged technology, social media, and hard work to provide the [...]

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